Alien Abductions . UFOs


HISTORIC UFO BEAM-DOWN TRACKS photographed in detail in the snow January 15, 1984

ufo sightings in colorado

The morning after my abduction, I discovered a UFO circular beam-down track in the snow containing extraterrestrial and human footprints. I am convinced the human footprints were mine. I took many detail photographs of the beam-down track. These photographs form the basis of my book and, confirm the existence of UFOs and ETs’ interaction with mankind. These 13 photographs with 13 explanatory overlays may be seen in Chapter 5, subchapter, "Jacob's Ladder."
The UFO beam-down circular track also confirms that the flashbacks I had been having at night were not vivid dreams, but short, poignant remembrances of real events in my life involving ETs. These flashbacks were life changing events that altered me physically, and recorded in my subconscious a new philosophy, new life mission, an expanded consciousness, a view of the future, and a new wisdom. I hope you will take the opportunity to see and read about the UFO beam-down circular track in the snow  and that special day in my life. You and your thoughts about reality will never be the same. You will be enlightened as I was.