BACK COVER - "Now, for some inexplicit reason I find myself speeding southeast toward Paola, Kansas late one Friday afternoon instead of drinking beer at the Wagon Wheel Bar with some of my fraternity brothers. I am acting on this irrational sudden urge to go fishing at what could be called my 'happy place.' My happy place is a small farm pond at my grandpa and grandma's property near Paola. I want to catch one last large bass in my life."

FRONT COVER - Chapter 5 of my book explains the abduction events leading up to that morning and those tracks. Chapter 5 also has the 13 photographs taken that morning of, what could only be, a UFO beam-down circular track in the snow with alien and human footprints in the center. The cover is my artwork depicting how and when I think those footprints and the UFO beam-down circular track were made..

          Then I see a beautiful lime-green light enter the east end of the lavatory corridor. The spherical light is soft and glowing as it moves towards me. Green is not my favorite color, but I am hypnotized by the sheer beauty of this lime-green colored light. For some reason I do not leap up out of bed and pursue the light. However, when I do decide to get up from lying on my back, I am mysteriously stopped. The soft light continues toward me and I pass out or lapse into unconsciousness.

     I rouse from my “sleep” and the soft lime-green light is in back of me. I can sense that I am now not alone and there is someone behind me, but I cannot see anyone. It is then that I realize I was not in our bedroom when I first saw the lights. I never lie on my back to sleep and I am not on my side of the bed, but rather on the side where Sarah always sleeps. Now I am troubled and anxious about where I am, who I am with, and where is Sarah? The room seems to be dark, not light as were the other rooms I dreamt of, or were in.

     Then I realize there is a thin, silver, shiny tube about six to eight inches long on the right side of my temple and optical chiasm. Great anxiety rushes through me and I am reminded of the times I have gone under the knife for eye surgery, while on my back in operating rooms. I cannot move. My eyes are rolled as far to the right side of my head as possible. I can feel my eyes bulging. I see a small hole in the end of the silver tube next to my temple area.

     Suddenly, the silver tube spews a steady stream of bright, deep red sparks from its open end. I try to jerk my head away from the tube and the red sparks, but I am held in place by some unknown force. This sparking wand, with its four to five inch emission, is being passed back and forth from my temple and optical chiasm area to the back of my head. As the sparks come back into view, the tube looks like a sophisticated sparkler that emits a controlled, hemispheric spray of deep red sparks. I am fearful, anxious, and frantically try to digest what is happening to me. I feel and smell nothing, but I know this slow, systematic back and forth movement of the sparkler is doing something to me.

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Flashbacks by Sean Bartok

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