On the right are examples of my work on the days following my abduction. There was a radical change in my artwork. There are other means of communication for those who are observant besides the spoken word. To see the other life-changing abduction events that continued to communicate information about ETs through my artwork, read FLASHBACKS. You, too, may see changes in your life vis-a-vis your doodles or other image making processes.

Artwork from the FLASHBACKS  book

My Artwork Changed Dramatically

On the left is the typical style of my artwork prior to my abduction by a shape-shifter alien on March 17, 1970. After my abduction that evening, my artwork changed dramatically and communicated to me what I had seen in the ETs care and the concerns they had for human kind. I do not recall them talking to me using the spoken word. They chose to speak to me through my subconscious using the ancient language of vision. What form of communication could be more appropriate for a visual artist to comprehend?

alien abductions artwork by sean bartok

Sean Bartok - Alien Abductions