Existence of Extraterrestrials

Flashbacks by Sean Bartok

Sean Bartok - Alien Abductions

     5 STAR review, “A Must Read!”, by a verified purchaser on Amazon.com

     For those who believe- no proof is necessary, for those who don’t-no proof is possible….and for those who are unsure, this book will challenge you to ask yourself, why isn’t it possible?  The combination of a well written, researched, and documented memoir coupled with the artistic drawings as the abductions progressed in his life makes it hard to not believe. Many times the hair on the back of my neck stood up & I got chills as I read what the author went through. Be prepared to look behind you at night and in those moments before drifting to sleep, wonder what else may be watching you behind that curtained window!

     If you are a reader on the fence about believing in aliens, read this book with an open mind and allow yourself to deeply question…is it possible we are not the only highly intelligent beings in this universe? Is it possible that more exists than what just the eye can see & science can quantify?

5 STAR  review, “Provoking and Spiritual”,  by a verified purchaser on Amazon.com

     They are among us. I am an avid reader of subjects that pertain to alien abductions/paranormal.  The first book that I was introduced to was, Communion by Whitley Strieber. Like many others, it scared the living daylights out of me and I could not finish the book. This was also just the beginning of something that seemed so familiar and exciting which then I got involved in the UFO community. FLASHBACKS by Sean Bartok brought back that feeling of excitement and wonder. I loved this book! It was provoking and oddly enough, strangely spiritual. I cannot wait to read the FLASHBACKS 2.

5 STAR review, “Proof you can believe!!”, by an  Amazon.com  customer

          I’ve always believed that we’re not alone in the universe just because there were so many stars in the night sky. The problem until now has been the lack of proof from reliable sources. I have had extensive conversations with Sean over the past 10 years about the experiences he and his family have endured. I have seen the pictures,  that can not be faked. I have read the book, and can only say that I was totally impressed with Sean’s ability to tell his story in a totally believable way and back it up with pictures to substantiate his experiences!! This is a MUST READ regardless of your current beliefs about aliens. They are here, and have been for a very long time! Enjoy and be ready!

5 STAR review, “Great Physical Evidence-Convincing and Captivating”,  by an Amazon.com customer

     A wonderful account of consistent evidence of alien encounters throughout a lifetime. The captivating story unfolds before your eyes as you relive year after year undeniable proof that we are not alone in this universe. Through well documented encounters, including detailed physical and photographic proof, you can examine the evidence for yourself. Enjoy the enthralling and breathtaking moments alongside the author in this first hand memoir documenting a lifetime of undeniable contacts by extraterrestrials.

5 STAR review, “Great Book!!!!!”, by an Amazon.com customer

    I am not typically a “reader”, but could not help turning each page to find out more about Sean Bartok’s alien abduction story. Well-written in an easy style with pictures, made it very easy to take in the experiences and to understand the time line of events over the 10-year period that he and his family experienced the abductions, and how it affected his family. Sean Bartok clearly did not ask for this experience to happen to him when it began as a child and through his adult life-but is a chilling reminder that it could happen to anyone of us, that is, if they choose you.

     This is his true-life depictions dealing with alien abductions in a time when alien abduction was never discussed for fear of reprisal from family, friends and neighbors-I am grateful and glad that we are in an environment today that allows Sean Bartok to finally be able to tell his story!