The last question will be given on Friday, March 10. The week after, there will be a drawing for those who answer one question right.  There will be 5 lucky UFO enthusiasts who will win a set of the 13, 12"X18" signed photographs!

WEEK 1 QUESTION: “One of the times when I was abducted, my mind was downloaded by the ETs. What did they use to communicate back to me their concerns about humanity?” Answer may be found in Chapter 3, pages 112-113.

WEEK 2 QUESTION: “Our son Scott, age 9, saw and interacted with, what he described as a 'live skeleton in the tree'. What did Scott's drawing reveal about this extraterrestrial's eyes?" The answer may be found in Chapter 4, pages 172-174.

WEEK 3 QUESTION: “What animal form did the shape-shifter take before abducting me from my home?" The answer may be found in Chapter 3, "Face in the Window", pages 151-154.

WEEK 4 QUESTION: "Not only have I and my wife been abducted, but so have our children. What was it about the details of the alien and house in the drawing our 6 year old daughter, Breana, made that convinced us she had been abducted by aliens and was shown the future?" The answer may be found in Chapter 4, pages 181-182 and Chapter 7, pages 266-267.

WEEK 5 QUESTION:  “The morning after one of my abductions, I found UFO beam-down circular tracks in the snow. I photographed the circular tracks in great detail. After studying these photographs for years, I was certain that I had been materialized on the spot. What was in the details of the photographs that convinced me that I had been materialized, not beamed down? The answer may be found in Chapter 5, subchapter “Jacob’s Ladder” pages 221-224.

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HISTORIC UFO BEAM-DOWN TRACKS in the snow, taken January 15, 1984


UFO Photo Contest


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with the prizes being a set of the 13, 12"X18" high-quality detailed photographs of the UFO beam-down circular tracks in the snow that are seen in Chapter 5 of the book. All 13 photographs in the set will be autographed by me. Each set is valued at $100. I will be giving away 5 sets of the signed photographs. I will ask one question a week on my FACEBOOK PAGE, for 5 weeks, about my book, FLASHBACKS: An Artist's Memoir of Alien Abductions, Native Spirits, and Enlightenment. The questions may be seen here as well.