According to the 1991 Roper Organization blind survey and the Unusual Personal Experiences Report, one in 50 Americans had been abducted by extraterrestrials (ETs). Paranormal researchers reported that ETs have the ability to induce a state of amnesia in certain memory areas of our brain. I was one of those abducted when I was young but didn’t realize it until I was 43 years old. I then knew I had not been abducted once, but many times.

    FLASHBACKS  is a memoir of my and my family’s experiences with extraterrestrials (ETs), Native American spirits, and entities from other dimensions.
     FLASHBACKS contains the first known photographic evidence of:

  • UFO circular beam-down track in the snow

  • Alien and human footprints in the center

  • Track rotation and energy field

  • Extraterrestrial and human interaction

FLASHBACKS premiered October 2016 at the AlienCon Convention in Santa Clara California. Author, Sean Bartok was the featured speaker at a Colorado MUFON event and has given interviews on Supernatural Girlz Radio, with Patricia Baker and Patricia Kirkman, and on The Mysterious Universe, with Benjamin Grundy. 
Sean Bartok Flashbacks Alien Abductions

Memoir of Alien Abductions, Native Spirits, and Enlightenment

alien abductions novel by sean bartok

     Had my wife, children and I not moved to the country from Denver in 1980, I probably would have never put the paranormal events of my life into a pattern that left no doubt I had been abducted not once, but many times. My memoir is an account of how the realization came to me that I was a contactee and the effects alien abductions have had on my life. My first insights were based on the bizarre dreams that I began having shortly after we moved to our new home in rural Colorado. 


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Alien Abductions . UFOs

Sean Bartok Alien Abductions star person lifted me up from behind and the second one guided me out of the circle toward the house ...