Sean has an upcoming radio interview with Jeremy Scott September 16 on The Parabnormal Radio Station. More information will be included later.


Sean’s book premiered October 2016 at the AlienCon Convention in Santa Clara California. He was the featured speaker at a Colorado MUFON event. He has given interviews on Supernatural Girlz Radio, with Patricia Baker and Patricia Kirkman, and on The Mysterious Universe, with Benjamin Grundy. 


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An Artist's Memoir of Alien Abductions, Native Spirits, and Enlightenment

     Had my wife, children and I not moved to the country from Denver in 1980, I probably would have never put the paranormal events of my life into a pattern that left no doubt I had been abducted not once, but many times. My memoir is an account of how the realization came to me that I was a contactee and the effects ETs have had on my life. My first insights were based on the bizarre dreams that I began having shortly after we moved to our new home in rural Colorado. 

Sean Bartok Flashbacks Alien Memoir

In 1959, at age 19, Sean Bartok was abducted while fishing ...